Why Us?


Our mission at United Marketing is to ensure your marketing dollars are spent on results, and with us you'll always receive consistent sales activity to help grow your business. No longer do you have to waste money on trying to generate sales appointments or clicks to your website, from different marketing companies that service all types of industries. Our only focus is the services industry, and we implement several proven marketing strategies that will provide your business with consistency. Below you'll see why we're the company to call...

Online Marketing


Paying for ad space on search engine websites is a great strategy for online visibility, but the unfortunate truth is that none of these websites can guarantee you a face to face sales appointment. When customers search for a local service business, all of the businesses appearing on the first page of search engine websites are paying to be listed there. Every business has to pay to rank on the first page of a search engine website, just like Google and their Pay Per Click structure (or PPC). Pay Per Click simply means you will pay Google every time someone clicks on your Google ad, after searching for a service business like yours in the area. These searches can easily average $20 or more "per click" in most cases, depending on which of your competitors you are bidding against - and how competitive your city is with similar service providers.


The major issue with this type of marketing is that 2 - 3 individuals can potentially click on your PPC ad by mistake, and you will still be charged by the search engine company (and there are so many other costly examples we can list here as well). In this one scenario alone, your ad can possibly be clicked on over ten times in one day mistakenly, and you'll pay more than $200 in clicks with still no appointment. Here at United Marketing, we guarantee face to face sales appointments for one low fee per appointment, and our search engine optimization services will grow your service-based business on the web organically. Let us help you get in front of prospects this week!

Mass-Mailing Flyers


One of the most old-fashion ways to market your service-based business is by mass mailing flyers. While this is still a great way of reaching the commercial locations in your community, there is still no guarantee that a flyer will provide your service business what it needs....which is guaranteed appointments in your area.


One of the dilemmas with this form of marketing is if your prospects are anything like most of society, they will typically throw mail in a top drawer or the trash to only keep the mail that is important. Your printing and mailing costs can also exceed hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month, depending on how many flyers you create to mass-mail. Here at United Marketing we guarantee you appointments all for one low fee....period! Contact us today to get started.

Guaranteed Results


United Marketing provides one of the most important pieces every service businesses needs for growth, which is guaranteed - quality face to face sales appointments to bid on. We also provide website design and seo for service-based businesses only, so you can rest assured in knowing our core agenda is you. With our years of experience in the services industry, we figured out the best ways to market a service business and we created our company to help service businesses like yours. From our telemarketing services, to our answering services, online marketing and more; we take pride in growing your business along side you. We exist to get you in front of local decision makers quickly, so you can present your services and win new customers!


The best part is, you no longer do you have to spend huge marketing dollars to grow your business. Our affordable prices are controlled rates that provide results, and we're one of the only companies in America that specializes in growing service businesses through multiple marketing tactics. Our expertise in the commercial cleaning industry enables us to identify and use the most efficient lead generation tools and vehicles to find you the best commercial cleaning leads. We set appointments for you with qualified prospects so you get quality face-to-face meetings with clients who are ready to meet with you this week!