Purchase 5 janitorial sales leads now and one of our Marketing Specialists will contact you to go over details regarding your campaign. Each lead also comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

5 Janitorial Sales Leads ($99 each)

  • This package of 5 janitorial sales leads is mainly for smaller companies who would like 1 hour of call-time (3 days per week). PLEASE NOTE: With the purchase of this package you will receive 1 Appointment Setter, and they will cold-call on behalf of your business for 1 hour every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you would like more call-time and/or Appointment Setters, please view our bigger lead packages.

  • We offer a 72 hour money back guarantee on each sales lead you purchase. This refund policy ensures we generate each of your leads within 3 days of each other, or you will receive a full-refund for the individual leads that are not generated within 72 hours.