We charge $99 per janitorial sales lead, and the more leads you order will receive discounts of $10 - $14 per lead. View our different lead packages below, and as a side note: certain packages include more Appointment Setters and call-time on a daily basis. Upon placing your order one of our Lead Generation Experts will call you to go over a few details regarding your campaign, and you can expect your first sales lead within a few days from make sure you're ready!

United Marketing offers several janitorial lead packages, and our office in Tampa FL has a call center of more than 60 certified Appointment Setters. We have a minimum order of 5 leads, and we have the capacity of generating up to 100 sales leads within 30 - 45 days (so its up to you and how fast you want to grow). Once you finalize your purchase your campaign will begin within 24 hours, and the more leads you order the more full-time Appointment Setters you'll receive.